Oxford, Mississippi
Lafayette County
   Was here on March 20, 2003. There are many Historical markers in Oxford. Hope to one day to return and get the ones on the Ole Miss campus. Due to time consideration and would have had to walked over a half mile, I was unable to get three that I know are on campus and there may be more

Update: My brother was able to get these three that are on the campus. Special thanks to Bobby..
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First Baptist Church
First Presbyterian Church
"Not a MDAH Marker"
Burns "Belfry" Church
Delta Gamma Fraternity
Freedmen Town
Theora Hamblett House
Lafayette County Courthouse
Oxford - University United Methodist Church
Oxford Cemetery
Rowan Oak
St. Peter's (1851), Episcopal
William Faulkner
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"The Flag of the Great State of Mississippi"
Banard Observatory
Hilgard Cut
Magnolia Tree Memorial
contributed by Bobby Richardson
contributed by Bobby Richardson
contributed by Bobby Richardosn
The Lyceum
Had my son Greg take this while we were at the game since I didn't have my camera with me. Ole Miss 45  Miss St. 0
Hotty toddy! (The Lyceum)
The Temple of the Star
contributed by Katherine Thornton